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Sientific Commitee


Abdulmohammad Mahdavi (Ph.D)

Hossein Tajabadi (Ph.D)

Mana Khoshkam (Ph.D)

Shaian Kiumarsi (Ph.D)

Amin Hakim (Ph.D)

Chetsada Noknoi (Ph.D)
Wilawan Jansri (Ph.D)
Wannaporn Boripunt (Ph.D)
Sanit Srichookiat (Ph.D)
Thanawit Bunsit (Ph.D)

Jalal Vali Allahi (Ph.D)

Naser Ebadi (Ph.D)

Abulfazl Soultani (Ph.D)

Mahmood SaneiPour (Ph.D)

Jafari Sayadi (Ph.D)

Behrouz Andalibi Zadeh (Ph.D)

Mohammad Shams EsfandAbadi (Ph.D)

Sina Razaghi (Ph.D)

Aboulfazl Zakeri (Ph.D)

Mahmoud Akbari (Ph.D)

Mohammad Ebrahim Sanjaghi (Ph.D)

Seyed Asghar Jaafari (Ph.D)

Saeid Ghorbani (Ph.D)

Mohammad Reza Zahedi (Ph.D)
Fariba Khaleghi Souroosh (Ph.D)

Alireza Khaleghi Souroosh (Ph.D)

Edriss Mahmoudi (Ph.D)

Shokofeh Raoghani (Ph.D)

Akram Ahmadi (Ph.D Student)




Call for Paper

2019 The 2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies in Management and Engineering (ICOCS 2019) is the first and most prestigious conference in the field of interdisciplinary studies. The conference intends to publish the results of research in the theoretical, experimental and applied fields of management and engineering sciences and interdisciplinary studies in these two very important areas. The conference secretariat invites leading professors, students, researchers, engineers and scientists in areas of interest from around the world to attend the conference and present their research results. Conference topics for submitting an article include, but are not limited to:




Social sciences

·         Management and Engineering Studies Based on Religious Teachings

·         Environmental Management and Natural Resources Management

·         Management and Information Technology Engineering

·         Cyber Space Management and E-Government

·         Urban Management and Civil Engineering’s Structures and Facilities

·         Scientific and Entrepreneurial Development Case Studies

·         Management and Industrial Engineering

·         Internal Manufacturing Management and Technology Transfer

·         Internal and International Management and Marketing

·         Tourism Management

·         Management, Mathematics and Statistical Studies

·         Management, Art and Architecture Studies

·         Urban Furniture Design

·         Anthropology & Culture

·         Religious Study

·         Communication & Media Studies

·         International Relations

·         Education & Research

·         Other Topics Related to Main Aims

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Site News
University of Thaksin

The University of Thaksin, Thailand, has nominated a number of its professors as members of the Scientific Committee of the Conference and is invited to participate in the conference by submitting scientific papers and presenting lectures.

1. Asst.Prof.Dr. Chetsada Noknoi
2. Dr.Witawan Jansri
3. Dr. Wannaporn Boripunt
4. Dr. Sanit Srichookita
5. Dr. Thanawit Bunsit

19/10/2019 Learn More ...

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 The site of the International Management and Engineering Conference was launched

18/07/2016 Learn More ...

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